Tommy Bahama

"Life is one long weekend….This is the carefree philosophy of Tommy Bahama, the lifestyle brand that elevates the act of relaxation to a fine art. There’s something magical about finding a place—even in your own home—where the only requirement is to unwind."

  • Caya Coco - Tommy Bahama
  • Sandy Coast - Tommy Bahama
  • La Scala Breezer (Blue) - Tommy Bahama
  • Montauck Drifter Shower Curtain - Tommy Bahama
  • Cuba Cabana - Tommy Bahama
  • Nassau Quilt (Ivory) - Tommy Bahama
  • Serenity Palms Quilt - Tommy Bahama

TOMMY BAHAMA is a lifestyle brand that captures the luxury of elegant, island-inspired living. What began as an upscale men’s casual sportswear line has expanded into a complete signature brand that includes women’s apparel, golf wear, footwear, accessories and home furnishings, as well as the TOMMY BAHAMA restaurant/retail compounds.

"The TOMMY BAHAMA brand stands for quality and a distinctive lifestyle that appeals to a broad range of consumers who aspire to a calm, relaxed haven away from their busy daily lives", states Richard Roman, President and CEO of Revman. "We admire them as a company and enjoy working with them to create these beautiful products for the home."

The bed and bath collections produced by Revman reflect different aspects of the TOMMY BAHAMA lifestyle, ranging from master bedroom, luxurious, resort-inspired ensembles to more casual looks.

The many interpretations of their signature island lifestyle reflect a modern sensibility in which comfort is key, creating the perfect blend for the sophisticated consumer who wants to create a personal retreat. Beautiful prints, natural fabrics, and sun washed textures in rich colors are carefully selected and unique to TOMMY BAHAMA. In addition to sheets, decorative pillows, comforters and duvets, the collection includes coverlets and quilts which can be layered into any of the designs or used alone as a lightweight outer bed alternative.

Signature bath accessories in a variety of materials as well as shower curtains (both freestanding and inspired by the bedding collections) are also available, as well as coordinating towels and bath rugs.

TOMMY BAHAMA makes it easy to celebrate the island lifestyle---no matter where you live, no matter what time of year.

ashley Wang

Laura Ashley is a company well known and loved throughout the world. The enduring values of family and home guide us in everything we do and allow us to share the special lifestyle which has become Laura Ashley”

  • Holobeck - Laura Ashley
  • Caroline - Laura Ashley
  • Glenmoore - Laura Ashley
  • Guilford - Laura Ashley
  • Emilie - Laura Ashley
  • Sophia - Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley, one of the world’s best loved fashion and home furnishings companies, came from humble beginnings. Starting with textiles printed on her kitchen table in the 1950's, the British designer and her husband Bernard found early success combining her eye for fashion and ability to spot a trend with his drive and business acumen. Through the years, Laura Ashley's love for all things Victorian led to the classic silhouettes and iconic prints which would become the company's trademark. As the business grew and expanded, Laura Ashley achieved international renown for her signature fashions and later on, for her home furnishings inspired by the English countryside.

The brand was one of the first to offer a true lifestyle approach to home décor in the American market which helped to establish its strong and iconic identity here. A steady flow of high quality, beautiful products has forged a consumer loyalty that ranks it among the top brands in consumer recognition to this day.

Laura Ashley’s English heritage continues to influence its success. New designs are continually being created by a talented and vibrant design studio in London and signature patterns are updated in contemporary styles and fresh colors throughout all product lines to appeal to the modern consumer.

Laura Ashley designs continue to appeal to a broad audience of all ages and it continues to be a true "destination brand" wherever it is sold.

Candice Olson

I believe that the essence of good design is its ability to sustain long term integrity — to become classic. The product collections I have created embody my signature fusion of traditional form, scale and proportions with the simplistic beauty and crispness of modern design. The result, whether for a whole space or individual furnishings, is a look that is current yet timeless; fresh yet familiar.

  • Fascination Bedding - Candice Olson
  • Ventura Fascination Coverlet Set - Candice Olson
  • Mischief Bedding - Candice Olson
  • Ventura Mischief Coverlet Set - Candice Olson
  • Mischief Shower Curtain - Candice Olson

Recognized as a leading design professional, Candice Olson is one of North America's most sought after emerging brands. An authentic and working designer since her early 20's, Olson established her own interior design firm over a decade ago. Considered "the one to watch.." by the NY Times, Olson has imparted her unique design style on a diverse array of residential and commercial projects.

In early 2002, Olson started creating interiors for her #1 rated TV show - "Divine Design". She immediately became known for her signature style and trademark sense of humor. Hosting "Divine Design", Olson offers her unique advice while taking the viewers through a behind- the-scenes look at the real design process. In addition to her Divine Design hosting duties, Candice Olson is a Celebrity Host/Judge on the hit series "The Next Design Star", HGTV's #1 prime time reality series.

Candice Olson is a modern and versatile design expert whose goal is to create a tangible "lifestyle communication" with consumers. As the namesake and creator of multiple product lines, Olson enjoys sharing her signature style with other design professionals and multitudes of retail shoppers. The designs are sophisticated yet accessible and simultaneously youthful, classic and contemporary.

Brand trust is critical; the design, the quality of the materials used and the value of every product is immediately identifiable. In addition to her bed and bath collections developed for Revman International, Olson's branded products include rugs, upholstered furniture, case goods, lighting, wallpaper, and wall décor.

The Olson brand is simultaneously inspirational, aspirational and accessible!
Vera Wang

Bedding makes a can even inspire a whole house! It is where we can be intimate, private, safe. My bedroom is my haven. I feel creative, free, and relaxed. I am thrilled to present my love of design, texture and taste to the bedroom. May it inspire beauty, dreams, and joy!

  • Corrugated Texture - Vera Wang
  • Painted Stripe - Vera Wang
  • Floral Jacquard - Vera Wang
  • Luster Quilt (Multi Sack) - Vera Wang
  • Marble Shibori - Vera Wang
  • Simplicity Sheet Stack - Vera Wang
  • Puckered Diamond - Vera Wang

Vera Wang founded her own company in 1990. Since then, her name has become synonymous with elegance, luxury and style.

In addition to ready to wear, Vera also designs bridal wear, footwear, eyewear, fragrance, china, crystal, luggage, fine papers, mattresses and fashion bedding. Her design vocabulary resonates with signature layering, intricate draping, and exquisite attention to detail, all of which are reflected in her approach to designing for the home.

Vera Wang’s unique ability to blend her modern design sensibility with timeless elements makes her designs a welcome addition to the home furnishings arena.



"I design my collections to create a calm, serene sanctuary for your home. A place to escape and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. I love to create a mix of fabrics.... washed cotton, cotton linen and the contrast of luxurious silk. Layers of textures and soft soothing colors are simple, elegant, and timeless."

  • Luminary - L'erba
  • Sea Scape - L'erba
  • Sea Grass - L'erba
  • Meadow Floral - L'erba

The l’erba and Sanctuary by l’erba bedding collections are the unique inspiration of their owner and creator, designer Suzanne Morse-Smith, who has been an innovative leader in the textile world for more than 15 years. Launched in 2003, l’erba quickly expanded into more than 70 luxury linen boutiques nationwide, including ABC Home in New York City. As her customer following grew, the l’erba brand expanded into select doors at Bloomingdales and Nieman Marcus as well.

The l’erba collections are the culmination of Suzanne’s talent, inspiration, travels, and love of nature. The essence of her vision for the home is to bring the outside in and create a personal sanctuary that is peaceful and serene, radiating beauty and comfort. In 2009, Suzanne created the Sanctuary by l’erba collection, based on the same aesthetic with a sleeker appeal inspired by the world’s most luxurious spas. The line is carried at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Macy’s and, at more moderate price points, she is truly bringing luxury to everyday living.

Perry Ellis
  • Holobeck - Perry Ellis
  • Holobeck - Perry Ellis
  • Holobeck - Perry Ellis
  • Holobeck - Perry Ellis
  • Holobeck - Perry Ellis
  • Holobeck - Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis' vision has always combined classic style with a fresh look. The interpretation of this look is perhaps even more relevant today than it was in 1980, when the first menswear line was launched. With our fast-paced lifestyles, our shrinking world and our increased value of substance over material, our resulting need is for an uncluttered aesthetic that simply speaks "style." Our ability to continue to grow this aesthetic into a globally recognized brand is a testament to the relevance of Perry Ellis, the man, and his vision.

Perry Ellis is a leading designer brand which distributes and licenses high quality clothing available through all major levels of retail distribution. This includes men’s sportswear, tailored clothing, dress shirts, topcoats, rainwear outerwear, accessories, furnishings and fragrances. Additionally, the company markets women's swimwear and fragrance as well as a boy’s sportswear and tailored collection under the Perry Ellis label.

"When it comes to evoking a sophisticated yet enduring lifestyle, few names carry as much impact as Perry Ellis" said Richard Roman, President and CEO of Revman. "Perry Ellis' amazing success in sportswear, accessories, and fragrance, translates naturally into home fashions."

Patti Labelle

"I am so pleased with the look and feel of my signature bedding line. I've already incorporated some of the pieces into my own home. The line closely reflects my tastes and captures the essence of what I represent - in a word, it's 'fierce'."

  • New Attitude - Patti Labelle
  • Moonshadow - Patti Labelle
  • My Love - Patti Labelle
  • New Day - Patti Labelle
  • Unpredictable - Patti Labelle

World-famous entertainer, Patti LaBelle, brings her talent and sense of style home with bedding products developed for Revman International. She is a uniquely talented woman and international celebrity who brings a wealth of experience and a fresh point of view to designing home fashions.

The Patti LaBelle home collection consists of bold colors, elegant patterns and soothing textures inspired by the very same bedding that Ms. Patti uses in her own home. The styles are comfortably classic, but with an eclectic, creative edge that makes them as unique as Ms. Patti herself.

Ms. LaBelle states "I am so pleased with the look and feel of my signature bedding line. I've already incorporated some of the pieces into my own home. The line closely reflects my tastes and captures the essence of what I represent - in a word, it's 'fierce'."

Ms. LaBelle is a two time Grammy Award winning singer, an author of four successful books, the star of a hit television series on the TV One network, and a humanitarian who devotes her time and talent to numerous charities.

Hotel Luxe

  • Baxter - Manor Hill
  • Cleo - Manor Hill
  • Delancey - Manor Hill
  • Mirador - Manor Hill
  • Mercer - Manor Hill

Revman’s Manor Hill collections offer luxurious bedding styles in beautiful colorways that reflect the latest home trends for your master bedroom. The collection encompasses a range of styles from classic to contemporary, each one in a single, easy to shop package with stylish decorative pillows available separately to customize and complete the look.

All ensembles feature embellished details such as embroidery, appliqué, and pleating in a variety of elegant decorative fabrics from jacquards to faux silks and sateens.

Whether inspired by fashion’s runways or the newest looks in home décor, Manor Hill’s designs are always high in style and quality and affordable in price.

Stone Cottage

City Scene

Betsy Johnson

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